Q. You just created this website, how can you already have frequently asked questions?


A. It's more of a preemptive strike


Q. Ok. What is this all about?


A. We just met and you are already asking me existential questions? 


Q. No, I mean the website.


A. Right..... Well, I love pizza. I know people love pizza. I want a place were people can find the best pizza in Indiana and if they want to, give a review of the pizza.


Q. How do I review pizza?


A. You find a pizza place, or a place that sells pizza, eat it and then come back and review it.


Q. You can't use the word in its definition.


A. My apologies. I didn't know I was answering question from a middle school English Teacher. 


Q. Good one. Never heard that one before. 


A. I worked hard on it. 


Q. No, seriously.


A. To "review" a pizza, just try it and come up with a way to express your opinion of it. Make a video, write a few paragraphs about it, or create an interpretive dance about it. What ever you want, just make it yours.


Q. Who sounds like an English Teacher now?


Q. .............


Q. Hello?