Enzo aka Son of a Pizza Man

If you want to learn how to make innovative and tasty pizzas at home, look no further than the YouTube channel belonging to Enzo (aka Son of a Pizza Man)  - https://www.youtube.com/sonofapizzaman


Enzo is fearless when it comes to attempting new, tasty combinations that truly push the limits of what you think can go on a pizza. However, he also takes time to focus on pies with more simple ingredients and a focus on flavor.


Learn more about Enzo in the Q&A below, then subscribe to his YouTube channel and get inspired to make your own homemade pizzas!


1. Can you tell us a little about your background and how you got involved in making homemade pizzas?


I grew up in the pizza industry as my dad is a pizza man, hence the name of the YouTube channel! I started out pouring soda for customers from the soda fountain and as I got older I was given more responsibility with taking peoples orders, re-heating slices and making other food like cheesesteaks and subs. The one thing I never did was make any pizzas while I worked for my dad which is partly why I'm teaching myself now.


2. On your YouTube channel, you make some amazing and innovative experimental pizzas. From Pumpkin Spice Pizza to Peach & Gorgonzola Pizza to Chicken Noodle Soup Pizza, you do it all! How do you get your ideas? And which of your more innovative pies do you think is the best?


I'm inspired by online trends, but lately I've been trying to make "real" pizzas that people would actually eat. I like to mix it up. If a particular holiday is coming up and I can translate it into a pizza, I'll do it. Sometimes people will suggest pizzas to me. I have a running list that I've compiled over the years. One of my favorite pizzas I've made was the sausage and sage pizza. It's such a classic flavor combo. Sometimes the pizza with the fewest ingredients is the best tasting because the ingredients are allowed to shine. I was also a fan of the chicken noodle soup pizza. Carbs on carbs. :)


3. The Indiana Pizza Club will eat any topping on pizza (at least once). We like pineapple, anchovies, etc. You seem like you'll put anything on a pizza, which we respect. However, in your experience, have you ever come across a topping option that just DOES NOT go with pizza? Somewhat related, is there an ingredient you've yet to use on pizza that you are dying to try?


I feel like I've had way too many pizzas that I made that are very WTF! The candy corn pizza is probably at the top of the list. It was one of those things I had seen online for many years and decided to finally try it. Boba pizza was another one that I just had to try because it looked so disgusting. I've also made a peeps pizza with similar results.


I don't really restrict myself as far as ingredients go. If I'm inspired by something, I'll just make it and figure out how to get the ingredients.


4. Most of our members have never left Indiana, but those who have reported that other states do have some quality pizza. If one of our members or followers were to go to your neck of the woods (Chicago), where would you recommend they get some pizza?


Chicago has SO many good places for pizza! It's tough because I'm honestly not a huge fan of deep dish and I feel like first-timers should definitely get that experience. The closest place I can recommend for "deep dish-esque" pizza is Chicago Oven Grinder in Lincoln Park. They do pot-pie style pizzas. Paulie Gee's in Logan Square is great for thick crust. Pequods in Lincoln Park is a great go-to for pan pizza. Jimmy's Pizza Cafe has really good New York style pizza. There are so many more awesome pizza places in Chicago!


5. If someone wants to start trying to make pizza at home, what is the #1 tip or bit of advice you would give them before getting started?


Have fun! It's just pizza. Like anything else its trial and error. Also experiment with your ingredients. Try different dough recipes, different ingredient combos, etc.


6. If you could have a pizza dinner with any three people from history, who would you choose to eat pizza with?


This is a tough one. I'd love to have pizza with the bakers in Naples, Italy who are credited with inventing pizza. Talking about how they thought about putting bread, sauce and cheese together would be fascinating, to me at least. I'd also love to have pizza with Gennaro Lombardi who is credited with opening the first pizzeria in the US in Manhattan, New York. The last person in an "out there" choice, but I choose Homer Simpson. I'd love to get his take on his favorite toppings and maybe even have a pizza eating contest. It could happen! ;)