Do you like board games? Do you like drinking beer? If so, then you should know about Lizzy and you should know about Keep Gaming Indy and the Drinking Meeples podcast.

Lizzy is a part of both of these awesome local endeavors and she was kind enough to take some time to talk to us about gaming, drinking and, of course, pizza.






Q. So, pizza is naturally the #1 passion of the Indiana Pizza Club, but most of us are also big board gamers and beer drinkers. You're involved with two awesome endeavors - Keep Gaming Indy & The Drinking Meeples podcast. Can you describe these projects a bit and explain to our readers how they might get involved as well?

A) Keep Gaming Indy is an Indianapolis based tabletop gaming group with a focus on bringing a diverse group of people to the table!  Everyone is welcome. KGI has a free monthly board game day at local venues in the greater Indianapolis area. In the past, we have had events at local board game stores, breweries, and restaurants.  Our goal is to cultivate positive relationships in our community through tabletop gaming and conversation. Please feel free to join our Facebook group, follow us on twitter, and attend our events. We can be found on social media @KeepGamingIndy.

The Drinking Meeples is a podcast I co-host with my husband, Tom Shriver-McGrevy, and his best friend Dave Neiling.  Sarah Neiling is our executive producer and, generally, tries to manage our…lively and enthusiastic personalities. The Drinking Meeples is a bi-weekly podcast the centers around beer and the board game hobby. We used to do reviews but have recently transitioned to a discussion-based format.  We can be found on social media and anywhere you find podcasts.
If you’re interested in board gaming or if you’re interested in becoming interested in board gaming please feel free to attend any Keep Gaming Indy events! We game frequently and will be happy to play with you.  No experience required!


Q. Pizza is definitely the best food to eat while playing a board game, but what specific pizza (toppings, brand, etc.) goes best with board games?

A) Pizza is the best food to eat in almost any situation.  The best pizza to eat while gaming is The Piglet from Books and Brews.  It’s a delightful pizza with a naan crust (genius, right?), cheese, bacon, and jalapenos. It is spicy, salty, cheesy, and downright delicious.  We often game at the various Books and Brews locations and this is my pizza of choice. 


Q. Can you name a few board games that our readers may not have heard about, but you think are underrated gems?

A. World’s Fair 1893 by J. Alex Kevern is one of my favorite games.  This game also features my favorite board game artist, Beth Sobel.  It has beautiful components, including a colorful Ferris Wheel that serves as a board.  World’s Fair 1893 is a set collection, card drafting, area majority game set at, you guessed it, the 1893 World’s Fair.  It’s a fairly simple game that can be great for gamers at any level. This game is still in print and can be purchased and found at some game libraries.

Heaven and Ale by Michael Kiesling and Andreas Schmidt is a heavier tile placement and economic game about beer.  The art is beautiful, and it plays well with any player count. In this game you are attempting to brew the best beer, which is always a great accomplishment. This game is still in print and can be found where games are sold.
Finally, and potentially most fitting, is New York Slice from Bezier Games.  This is an pick, you choose” game that looks just like a pizza and even comes in a pizza box! This game places up to six and is a perfect game for a short lunch break, filler on a game night, or a date night at your favorite pizzeria.  It is still in print and can be found where games are sold or at some game libraries.  


Q. Not to be negative, but what is the worst topping on pizza and what is the worst board game you've ever played?

A. I’m open to most food and will try almost anything, but anchovies are just the worst.  Thanks, but no thanks!

The worst board game I’ve ever played is Oregon Trail the Board Game.  Unlike the classic computer game, it failed to entertain me. It caused a lot of frustration and it’s even impossible to win the game just due to the (un)luck of the draw.


Q. Imagine you have a bar in your home and you can have 3 beers on tap with an endless supply that you never have to pay for. Which three beers would you select to have on this magical, free tap?

A. My magical home bar would have Sun King Oktoberfest from Indianapolis, Black Sheep ESB from North Yorkshire England, and Metazoa Brewing’s Early to Rise-the earl grey beer-from Indianapolis.  


Q. If you could eat pizza and play board games with any 3 people from history, who would you choose and why?

A) I would love to play board games and eat pizza with John Paul Jones, bassist of Led Zeppelin; Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Supreme Court Justice of the United States; and Mae Jemison, astronaut.